Youth Sermons

12 Aug

To become one of the best youth leaders in the world is actually a goal aspired to by quite a few. Here is one of the many good things with regards to choosing this goal… It really is not too difficult, once you learn how.

This article will make it much easier for anybody with that objective to be successful and to actually become one of the best youth leaders in the world. If you want to understand how to become one of the best youth leaders in the world in only three easy steps, please read on…

The 1st step is to realize that if you are going to become one of the best youth leaders in the world, don’t take yourself so seriously. If you haven’t guessed by now, this article has a little sarcasm to it, as becoming one of the best youth leaders in “the world” is a little pretentious. Instead focus on becoming one of the youth leaders that God has has chosen to make an impact in the lives of our youth today. This is very important because if our youth ministry is not based on our love and passion for Jesus Christ our chances for success as youth leaders is slim to none. It will likely be really important to get this 1st step done properly and well. If you fail with this, then the guidance that you are giving to your students will probably not be all that great.

The 2nd step is to know that youth leaders are often under appreciated in the church and in the community. Now of course you do not have to walk around with a chip on your shoulder, but realize that being one of the youth leaders in todays world, is not a job that will role in the “BIG BUCKS” or get you fame. . You should be sure that you just steer clear of getting into youth ministry unless you know in your heart that this is what God has called you to do and additionally you should know that there will be many frustrations along the way that will bring up questions as to your dedication, a great youth leaders acknowledge these thoughts and work through them and find ways to overcome them as they are doing God’s work.

The 3rd step is to hold yourself accountable in the eyes of God. The main reason this is very important will be to make sure that you are making a genuinely good impacting the lives of your students year in and year out. Make sure you steer clear of the error of just becoming comfortable in your role as one of the youth leaders God has chosen. Continuously put effort into your youth ministry and come up with creative and interesting ways to bring the word of God into the hearts of your students.

Carefully keep to the 3 steps above. In doing so you should, more than likely, manage to become one of the best youth leaders in the world ( Or the best you can be ) without problems. Take the steps very carefully and be sure to avoid the potential problems. The title of being one of the best youth leaders in the world will then be yours to enjoy!

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